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Hadhrat Maulana Adam Sahib

My greatest teacher is non other than my respected Shaykh, Shaykh al-Hadith Mawlana Adam ibn Yusuf حفظه الله.

As the principal of Jame'ah Uloomul Qur'an, Maktab and Darul Uloom section, Hadhrat has always been a father like figure watching over the progress of students as well as keeping their well-being in mind.

He has taught me a number of subjects throughout the course which include parts of Zadut Talibeen, Tarjumatul Qur'an, Mishkatul Masabeeh and the complete Sahih al-Bukhari.

His overlooking has always been a source of encouragement and his kind and heartfelt words have always guided as well as spiritually revived me.

It is through his individual attention and company that I have learnt many lessons relating to both my Islamic studies as well as Islam in general.

Short Biography

Shaykh Mawlana Adam is a well known figure throughout the world and is regarded as a grand scholar of the United Kingdom. Amongst his many achievements are the institutes of Jame'ah Uloomul Qur'an, Jame'ah Girls Academy, Khanqah Imam Muhammad Zakariyya رحمه الله. Additionally, he is also the founder of Leicester Islamic Academy (Muslim Girls High School) which was initiated in 1981.

Shaykh Mawalana Adam was born in Manekpore, Western India, in the year 1937 and currently resides in the United Kingdom with his family. In total, he has five children, all of whom are scholars in Islam and dedicated in the Khidmah of Deen. From amongst my teachers are his blessed sons; Maulana Ahmad Ali, Maulana Imran and Mufti Muhammad.

He was admitted at the Islamic University, Jame'ah Islamiyyah in Dabhel, where he completed his initial Islamic education and then completed his memorisation of the Holy Qur'an at an astounding age of nine. He then studied the initial sciences of the Arabic language and the principles of Islamic jurisprudence.

Thereafter, he was enrolled at Darul Uloom, Deoband, the renowned Islamic university of India to study Islamic subjects specialising in the field of Hadith, Tafseer, Fiqh and various interrelated sciences, including the further branches of Shari'ah by various great Shuyookh. At the age of twenty-two, he completed his scholarship and graduated as an 'Alim (Islamic scholar), possessing doctorates in the various principles and teachings of Islam.

Subsequently, he taught many Islamic sciences for five years at the Jame'ah Islamiyyah in Dabhel. Later on, he moved to Malawi (Central Africa) where he resided for seven years and opened an Islamic institution, benefiting many individuals.

He then repositioned to Leicester, England in the November of 1975. He was at first an Imam of Masjid al-Noor and later on by help and grace of the Almighty Allah he purchased the Jame' Masjid and established the Jame'ah Uloomul Qur'an, which began with a single Hifzul Qur'an class consisting of only twelve students and at present accommodates 1300 students.

On the other hand he is one of the leading Shuyukh of Tasawwuf in the present era. He was granted Ijazah (authorization) in the Chistiyya Tariqah (spiritual path). His spiritual chain traces back through a series of authentic teachers all the way to the Prophet Muhammad صلي الله عليه و سلم.

At present, he is still the Imam of Jame Masjid, Leicester (where he has been Imam for 30 years), and teaches Sahih al-Bukhari at Jame'ah Uloomul Qur'an. He also gives Dars (lectures) on Thursday and Sunday evenings and holds a Dhikr Majlis everyday after Fajr Salaah at the Khanqah.

Full biography


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Masha'Allah! Just to advise you that the link to the full biography is not working. I would very much like to read about the Shaykh in detail and am especially interesting in finding out his shaykhs in tasawwuf?


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