Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Be Distinguised and Unique

Yesterday my honourable Shaykh, Hadhrat Maulana Adam Sahib حفظه الله. called all the 'graduates' to impart some advice to us.

These meetings are at times frequent and they are nothing but an honour for me as they provide me with not just mere guidance but an insight of my honourable Shaykh's spirituality, mercy and consideration for his students and those who wish to benefit from him.

On this occasion the meeting was short as there was a period of thirty minutes before the Adhan of Eisha Salaah.

Amongst many advices, which were directed and particular for the 'graduates' there was one important advice, which despite being general, is one that can completely change the life of an individual with knowledge.

My honourable Shaykh Hadhrat Maulana Adam Sahib حفظه الله. reiterated the following phrase on several occasions to highlight its importance:

تمہاری ‍زندگی ایک ممتاز ‍زندگی ہوني چاہۓ

Your lifestyle should be a distinguished and unique lifestyle

This sentence seems to be very self explanatory, especially when it is being directed to 'Ulamaa and graduates. It indicates that those for have graduated as 'Ulamaa should have a lifestyle which is not that of the ordinary layman. It should be a lifestyle which in itself sets an example for others to follow.

However, if we ponder of these words and think of it on a wider scale then we can implement this advice on each individual.

Primarily, those with Islamic knowledge end education should stand out from those who are less privileged in this area. The knowledge of this group of people should be reflected in their action and therefore be a cause of encouragement for others to follow in these steps and also implement these in their own lives.

On an even wider scale, those who have accepted Islam should have a distinguished lifestyle from those who have not accepted this Islam. Our religion should be highlighted and taught primarily through our actions and thereafter supplemented with our words.

Our actions, habits, manners and etiquettes should be the primary form of invitation to Islam, its knowledge and its adoption within our lifestyles.

I can recall during our days at the Darul Uloom, Hadhrat حفظه الله would ask us to implement the knowledge we taught at the time we acquired it. He would warn us that the knowledge we acquired was a gift from Allah سبحانه و تعالى and should not be taken for granted.

At the same time, a parent who has sent his child to the Darul Uloom should be able to distinguish and compare the etiquettes of one son who is in the Darul Uloom against another who has taken the path towards secular education. If there is no difference between the two then there is a fault within our implementation and understanding of this 'knowledge'.

In conclusion, it is vital for each person to be an example to the onlooker. Our actions should be the cause of someone's guidance and not their misguidance. In the same manner, those are in a position of leadership or high status they should implement actions which guide and encourage others towards the right path and not be a deterrent to bring the servants of Allah onto His chosen Path.

May Allah سبحانه و تعالى give us all the guidance and understanding on His religion so that we are able to primarily implement it within our lifestyles and thereafter, by doing so, making it a means of others being guided to the chosen Path of Allah سبحانه و تعالى. Aameen.