Thursday, June 07, 2007

Thanking Allah

There are many lessons that I've learnt from all my respected teachers during the six year course and am continuing to learn even now. However, these lessons are not restricted to classrooms neither are they restricted to the lessons taught or the words spoken. Many a times, the lessons I learn from my teachers have been instilled in me through their actions.

Like the English saying, 'Actions speak louder than words', every action of my teachers have been a great source of knowledge and education for me. At times, without uttering a single word I've learnt what would take weeks of explanation. Their behaviour, attitude, patience, perseverance, their love and fear for Allah and their dedication to the Religion of Islam.

One of the many lessons I learnt, which came into my mind today, is one acted upon by my Hadhrat. His actions have not, to this date, contradicted his teachings and I have never found him saying one thing and acting upon another.

During our lessons, Hadhrat frequently mention two excellent and vital qualities of a believer, صبر (Sabr - Patience) and شكر (Shukr - Thankfulness).

Hadhrat would mention how one should always thank Allah in every situation and every difficulty, he would use the term الحمد لله على كل حال (Alhumdu Lillahi 'Alaa Kulli Haal - Praise and gratitude be to Allah in every situation). Praising Allah and being thankful for what He has given to us is essential upon every person for it is the condition for the increment in what we have.

One way in which this can be achieved is through our tongue as mentioned above and the other is through our actions; by performing good deeds and refraining from evil ones.

Every time I've approached my Hadhrat or seen someone approach him to ask him his health, he would reply, الحمد لله, الله كا شكر ہے (praise be to Allah and thanks be upon Him). Despite the fact that Hadhrat suffers from severe knee pains at many times, even in this condition I have seen Him praise Allah for His blessings and overlooking the pain he has.

I end this lesson with one request from every reader; to make Du'a for my Hadhrat. as he is recovering from a knee operation. May Allah bless him with a long, prosperous and healthy life full of good deeds so that his rank elevates with each moment and so that he may continue to fill our lives with essential blessings and lessons. Aameen.