Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Purifying the Heart

My teacher Maulana Imran Sahib has always been a father-like figure to me; guiding me, advising me and offering me his company whenever I required. He always made me wonder what I had done in order to deserve the company of such a down-to-earth and knowledgeable scholar.

As mentioned before, Maulana Imran Sahib has always offered his guidance to me and, despite not being my Sheikh, his guidance has always shown me the right track and aided me in times of spiritual dilemmas.

Recently, my teacher, Maulana Imran Sahib, sent me the following:

Imam ibn al-Jawzi رحمه الله was once asked:

"Is it better for me to make Tasbeeh (praise Allah) or to make Istighfaar (seek forgiveness)?"

He replied:

"The dirty robe is more in need of soap than perfume"

Simple words which holds great meaning for the person who understands. It is necessary to prepare the heart before to contain the love of Allah; the heart is the house of Allah and therefore before we intend to place Him within our hearts we have to ensure that it is clean and free of the filth of sins, and this can be achieved by seeking the forgiveness of Allah from our sins.

Nur (divine light) and Dhulumaat (darkness of sins) cannot be contained within the same heart; in the same way, Allah cannot reside in that heart which contains greater love for anything and anyone but Allah. The preparation of the heart is beautify it for its true occupier, Allah.

May Allah give us all the understanding of the words of our pious 'Ulamaa and predecessors. May He give us the courage, strength and method of making preparations for His arrival within our hearts, which should be His abode alone. Aameen.