Monday, February 19, 2007

King of Hearts

Hadhrat would always relate to us poetry of great poets in the Arabic, Persian and Urdu language. His extensive knowledge and skill of representing lessons with examples related to one's daily life would, within moments, allow one to understand what message Hadhrat would be trying to get through to us.

Alhumdulillah, Hadhrat, through this method of teaching, has managed to explain complex matters in a matter of moments. His poetry and incidents in themselves prove his wisdom and insight.

On one occasion, during Dars-e-Bukhari, Hadhrat mentioned a couplet of Urdu poetry to explain to us one of our lessons. The poetry is as follows:

ملا کسی کو ہے کیا سوچیے امیری سے

دلوں کے شاہ اکثر غریب ہوتے ہیں

"What has anyone gained from being rich

The kings of heart are predominantly the poor"

From this poetry Hadhrat explained many lessons to us; a few I will mention below as points:

1. Richness is of no use if you become the beggar to desires.

Meaning, when a person has riches in this world but is unable to enjoy it according to the Shari'ah and all that his riches leads to is greed then these riches are of no good because it makes him poorer than that beggar who is satisfied with his limited wealth.

2. The poor should not be looked down upon.

In this world, especially in today's society, the poor are looked down upon because they do not meet the standards of 'society'. They only have enough money for necessities and are devoid from the luxuries of life.

However, there are many glad tidings for the poor and those who are not wealthy; Allah will grant them an early entrance in to paradise as they will have less to answer for. Furthermore, the Prophet صلي الله عليه و سلم chose poverty over being wealthy.

May Allah give us all the understanding to realise the true value of things and to understand that richness is that with that person who appreciates what he has and his actions are for Allah and the Hereafter, for the Hereafter holds the best return and currency. Aameen.

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